January 19


The Stock I BUY goes down ..!

Most people think that after they buy a stock, that stock tends to  move down rather than moving up. This always anticipates them to  think before purchasing any stock or share that they are likely to loose  money in a script invested in.

I have heard people say that luck & patience plays a very  important role for Stock Market players and Investors. This is very  true, irrespective if the concerned person is a trader or a investor. But,  one should also remember that thinking positive for the money  invested in any investment actually tends to give huge profits.

In other words, a Short term trader should start thinking that after  purchasing say a Stock named “A”(Always invest after studding the  company fundamentally personally), the price of the Stock should easily increase by 100% in Short term rather than thinking what will happen if it manages to go down. This is what most of the successful Investors till date have followed and earned huge profits over the time.

It is very important to have positive beliefs & attitudes. This is not something that I say and use, but this should be rule followed by all the traders and investors. Warren Buffett quoted “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute “.

This statement clearly states that Buffett wanted to be rich, and his mind us always thinking about being rich, being rich, being rich, being rich all the time. Our subconscious minds control most of our behavior, and when you have such strong conviction of being rich, it is difficult not to be rich eventually.

Your thinking should note be “That whenever I purchase a script, I dream of it to be a Multibagger.” instead your thinking should be “That whenever I purchase a script, I Believed it to be a Multibagger.”

There’s no harm in thinking that the investment you made in quality stocks will fetch very good returns, In-fact this shall actually help you to earn more in the Long run, this is worth a try


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