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Amibroker Formula Language - a powerful tool that allows you to create your own trading systems,
scans, custom indicators, and commentaries.
We RGTS Software Write Custom Amibroker Formula According to your Logic


Trading Strategies (AFL) Plugin For Amibroker

All indicators can be purchased separately, or are free available as part of the RGTS_TradeStudio Membership. To get access to our entire collection of Trading Systems , indicators, Scanners & Exploration, including any future releases, 

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RGTS_TradeStudio - Complete Package


1 Month


ONE Time



Savings :₹10000/- 

Actual Value :₹15000


Savings :₹40000/- 

Actual Value :₹55000


Savings :₹80000/- 

Actual Value :₹100000

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Bonus trading strategies Worth of ₹41500/-

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Pack of 20+ Technical Scanner & Exploration


Savings :₹4500/- 

Actual Value :₹4500/-

Coral Trend Indicators v1.0


Savings :₹1000/- 

Actual Value :₹1000/-

RGTS Dynamic Trading System - Optimization Enabled


Savings :₹12500/- 

Actual Value :₹12500/-

60 Minute Gaps - Trend Following Strategy


Savings :₹3500/- 

Actual Value :₹3500/-

Demand and Supply Zone Detector


Savings :₹5000/- 

Actual Value :₹5000/-

Trend Pilot - Optimization Enabled


Savings :₹5000/- 

Actual Value :₹5000/-

Candlestick Exploration


Savings :₹10000/- 

Actual Value :₹10000/-

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 The Complete Package gives you instant access to our entire collection of indicators along with access, FOR FREE to our future indicators! If you want to use our indicators with more than one Machine ID, take advantage of our license discount that starts at 50%. If you have any questions about the Membership, please head over to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) and if you can’t find the answer there, please contact us



Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact us by clicking here.

What are System Requirements ?
All Our Indicators works with Amibroker Version 5.70 and Above,  System Requirements is : Microsoft Windows  10  and Above ,  and At least 4 GB Ram , Apple Users Can Use Boot Camp / Parallels / VM ware to Run Amibroker and Indicators!

What do I get when I join the Club?
To become a Member of the Club, you have to purchase the Complete Package, which gives you access to all of our current and future indicators. If you wish to run our indicators on more than 1 Machine ID, all you have to do is purchase the Complete Package at a discount). Also as a Member, if you have a great indicator idea, please send us a message as we may code the idea for free*!

What platforms are your products compatible with?
all indicators compatible with All Amibroker Version.

How do I install Amibroker?
Please Check Out Course Section to Get Training Video for Amirboker

Do you offer a free trial?
Due to the nature of our product pricing we do not offer trials—the price to join the Club is less expensive than a lot of indicators sell individually.

What time frame/type of chart does it work on?
Our indicators work on all time frames, chart types, and instruments (instruments availability is dictated by your data provider),

May I install my indicator on more than one machine?
For Club Members, each Lifetime Complete Package will allow you to run our indicators on one Machine ID. If you ever need to run the indicators on more than one Machine ID, just purchase the number of Complete Packages you need (we offer a discount for multiple purchases). For individuals who purchased stand-alone products, you would need to make one purchase for each computer you would like to run the indicators on.

Do I have to join the Club?
If you don’t want access to all of our current AND future indicators, you do have the option to purchase individual indicators on a “stand-alone” basis. To find out how much an indicator would cost individually, please review the products page that you are interested in.

Can I get a refund?
Once a product has been purchased, you will receive instant access to the indicators. Since at the time of payment you are provided with copyrighted intellectual property (in the form of software), all sales are final and there are no refunds, partial or full, exchanges, or returns.

How long does it take to process an order and to send me my new indicator?
Immediately after your purchase, you will receive access to all of our indicators (or the individual indicator(s) you purchased if you did not join the Club).

What if I need to replace my Machine ID?
That can be done extremely easily with email support. Send Us your old Machine ID and New One We Sent you New Activation Key

May I use your products for Commercial Use?
Our indicators are intended for personal use only and may not be copied, redistributed, published, broadcasted, circulated, leased, rented, or otherwise transfer or provide access to the The Indicator Club software (or any part thereof) to any person, firm, entity or any third party without prior written consent.

I am having trouble / have a question about something not covered here?
If you need more information on any product, or run into any issues, please send us an email through our contact form or to our support email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.