Get Preview of RGTS-Tstudio - A Complete Pack of Trading Strategies and Scanners

RGTS Trend Power v1.0 – Trade Less Earn More

Pure Mathematical Trading System desgined for High Net Worth
Profits Beyond your Imagination.
It is not just another Trading System. It is the SUCCESS that Trader Needs.

RGTS Trend Power v1.0  uses only prices & unique market influencing factors. As always indicators are not to be for Decision making

1) If you are looking to make Profits from Trading Stock & MCX Market.
2) If you want to become a Full Time or Active Trader.
3) If you believe that it is not possible to make money from the market.
4) If you want to prove that your efforts to Succeed in Trading doesn’t fail.

  •  User Friendly interface
  •  Be Professional Traders With our System And Technical Analysis Tools
  •  Work In Side way and volatile Market Very smoothly With our Tools No Confusion
  •  Easy to handle with target and Stop-loss levels and it is highly accurate for all segment such as Stocks, Futures & Commodities.
  •  Automatic buy sell signals & get profit with Risk Reward Ratio no more losses.
  •  Automatic Buy Sell Signal System is the complete solution that you need for perfect day trading.
  •  All Come with sound alert and Alert Out put on alert windows ( No Need to Check Chart one by one )
  •  Cheapest Price
  •  Useful in Intraday and Positional trade
  •  Also use full for swing traders
  •  No need Technical Knowledge
  •  Trade confirmation and trend identification Tools is Useful in all segment
  •  we provide full Training and support free of cost with our trading system
  •  Even New traders also Earn Handsome Profit with our System


   What is Right guide Trading System or RGTS_Tstudio?
  •  RGTS is Powerful Trading tool with auto Buy Sell Signal
  • RGTS_Tstudio is a Complete Pack of Trading Strategies and Scanner
  •  No Technical Knowledge Required for Trading
  •  Even New Trader Also earn Good Profit With Our system
   Any other Charge for Right guide Trading System ?
  •  No other charge for RGTS But if you want Realtime data Like NSE MCX NCDEX then Real time Data is Chargeable you have to Buy RT data From Data Vendor ( If you wish then We are arrange it )
   RGTS team can installed Free demo on My Computer
  • No. We not Providing Free Demo 5 Days Paid Demo Available at Cost of Rs.500/-
   Can i Trade In All Market Like NSE MCX NCDEX With this Software ?
  •  Yes RGTS Generate Auto Buy Sell Signal in All Market and All Script
   Paid Amount is Refundable ?
  •  No once pay Amount is Not refundable
   Can i use Software with multiple Computer ?
  •  No RGTS working with one login Per one computer , But If your want multiple Computer Then We have Option For multiple Computer for More Details Contact our Customer care.
   What is Trade Identification and trade Confirmation Tools ?
  •  Sorry We are Not Providing Details About our Tools on this Time , after software Purchase We are Explain Full Details our system
   In which Platform Your trading system work ?. You have your own Platform ?
  •  We have not our own platform our Trading system work on AmiBroker Paltform
   Can you Providing Amibroker ? and RGTS Providing system on any other Platform Like MT4, Metastock ?
  •  No We are not providing amibroker we are providing only trading system (formula)
  •  Presently we are Providing RGTS on Amibroker platform only
  •  On Metastock and MT4… Coming Soon…
    Is there Any Charge For System updating ?
  •  There is no Charge For System updating if there is any updating in system , our Member will Get updating free of cost