22 Reasons Why your Buy Sell Signal Software will fail

Now these Day People More interested to work with Buy Sell Signal Software and Auto Trading Software , and Loosing Money after adopting various Trading system, I going to Explains some Point why a trader fails by adopting a Buy Sell signal software (Trading System).

1) you are Using Buy Sell signal software without Proper Knowledge.

2) You are Jumping one stock to another stock randomly and not follow rules Properly.

3) you are Jumping one Time Frame to another time frame randomly.

4) you are not Stick With Your Trading Plan.

5) you are always searching double confirmation by using multiple indicators.

6) you are  correlating your Software with News, Global markets, TV Channels.

7) you want a Best Buy Sell signal software with 95% Accuracy.

8) you Don’t know how to Backtest Buy Sell Signal Software (Trading System) which explains the nature of the Buy Sell signal software.

9) you loose faith after 5-6 continuous losses in your trading system.

10) you don’t know which time frame best for your nature and also for your Buy sell signal software.

11) you don’t want to trade All signal.

12) you are part time trader and you want to trade the signal on your time.

13) you are too lazy in following the Rules of Buy Sell Signal software.

14) you are using most common indicator that is invented somewhere 1950’s or 1960s.

15) you don’t know Risk reward ratio of your Trade.

16) you don’t know logic behind the Buy Sell Signal Software however you are blindly interested in following it.

17) You don’t know which Trading instrument Best for you Buy Sell Signal Software.

18) you are using Free indicator available on Internet without Logic and Knowledge.

19) you don’t want to trade with Stop loss.

20) your are never use trailing Stop loss.

21) you are not Belive in Partial Profit Booking.

22) you Had Seen Paid Buy Sell Signal Software Ads in facebook/twitter and on Google which give 90%-95% guaranteed Success and you are interested in purchasing it at any cost (No one is Able to Give you 90% – 95% Accuracy )

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