About Us

www.rgts.in is a Leading Technical Analysis and Research Website, www.rgts.in Providing Innovative Product  to Retail Traders and Investor, www.rgts.in founded and Lead by Mahesh Bavaliya

 Our Vision

We have the Vision to Empower Every retail trader and make them help to become professional traders in market , and to be the best investment solutions provider, recognized for its innovative approach, trustworthiness, Investment research , investment research , investor friendly attitude & above all its ability to capitalize on the right opportunities for wealth creation.

Our Mission

Our Purpose it to Enable Retails Trader to manage their risk Risk Reward Ratio on their investment . we want to build a brand by creating value for our investor by the innovative mathematical formulas and Different tools for trading which can remove emotional part of the trader

About Mahesh Bavaliya

Mahesh Bavaliya is a Full Time Trade and Trading strategy Designer,  Mahesh Bavaliya is a IT Professional and Having the 6 years of Experience in Guiding The active Traders and Manage Their Emotional Part of  The Trading

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