How to Use RGTS sure Scan and New alert Scanner For Amibroker

This Video Is Useful only for our Subscribers if you are not our Subscriber Please Register for 2 Days Free Live Demo : Visit : In This Video We Discussed About Technical Analysis Scanner and How to use Scanner With Amibroker Platfrom

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Amibroker – Moving averages

The moving average is one of the most useful, objective and oldest analytical tools around. Some patterns and indicators can be somewhat subjective, where analysts may disagree on if the pattern is truly forming or if there is a deviation that is might be an illusion. The moving average is…

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Amibroker – Trend lines

Technical analysis is built on the assumption that prices trend. Trendlines are an important tool in technical analysis for both trend identification and confirmation. A trendline is a straight line that connects two or more price points and then extends into the future to act as a line of support…

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Amibroker – Price charts

Price charts AmiBroker can display the prices using: line chart this mode is used when current symbol uses price fixing and only close price is available traditional bar chart this mode is used when continuous trading is enabled, but open price is not available (or equals to close price) Japanese…

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Amibroker – Working with layers

Using layers What layers are Layers are like pieces of transparent plastic. You can put drawings on them. Layers can be made visible or invisible. This allows to show/hide drawings placed on given layer without affecting the drawings placed on other layers. How to work with layers. First of all make…

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Amibroker – User interface customization

A newly introduced customizable user-interface has several nice features that allow complete control over look and feel of AmiBroker user interface. Advanced nested docking / tear-off tabs To dock a pane into any side of the application or as a tab simply click on docking window caption bar and drag…

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How to use drag-and-drop charting interface

AmiBroker allows you to easily create and modify your indicators with few moves of a mouse. From now on you can build sophisticated indicators without any programming knowledge at all. The available (ready-to-use) indicators are listed in Charts tab of the Workspace window. How to insert a new indicator. To…

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Amibroker – Beginners’ charting guide

Beginners’ charting guide AmiBroker charting engine allows object-oriented manipulation of all drawings. Now you can simply move, resize, cut, copy, paste and delete all drawing objects with ease. This chapter will guide you though most important aspects of using charting tools. Let’s now take a look at the user interface:…

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Amibroker – Basic operations

Adding a new symbol In order to add a new symbol into database you can use Symbol->New menu item or Add symbol toolbar button. After selecting this function you will be prompted for new ticker symbol. The maximum ticker symbol length is 48 characters. For proper import functioning you should…

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